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His last stop in the NFL, though, was hardly the last in his professional life. Butz's post-football business dealings usually involved one or more aspects of marketing - research, product design, product pricing, and product promotion (in-person and multimedia presentations).

He served as president of TH 400 Inc., which owned and operated the Town House Motel and Restaurant in Belleville, IL. Butz was also associated with Magna Bank, the largest holding company in Southern Illinois, for 10 years. After training in the bank's executive program, he worked in the area of correspondent banking where his efforts are credited with helping to build substantial interest-free deposits.

Butz is an active member of the Board of Directors for the National Rifle Association (NRA) as well as an outside consultant for the nonprofit. He often helps companies to improve in-house workflow and efficiency issues, including the Beistle Company (Shippensburg, PA, the largest party goods manufacturer in the U.S.) and Brownells (Montezuma, IA). Butz also continues to be active on the speaking and public appearance circuits.
Dave Butz, Professional

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