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Game Tape Critiqued

"One of the major contributing factors to my longevity of my 16 year career in the NFL was the ability to read my opponents' strengths and weaknesses."

Along with footage provided, please include the following information:
• Height
• Weight
• Positions Played
• Position to be viewed and
•Jersey Number
• Speed in the 40
• If you play or have played any
  other sports besides football.

Download Order Information Form
Now is the time to have your football film analyzed by a 16 Year NFL Pro! A service for High School, College and Professional offensive and defensive lineman.

I will review your film in-depth (play by play) and provide you an honest and insightful evaluation of your defensive or offensive line play.

"This is a real, hardline study of your game film. If you are not wanting the truth, this service is not for you.”

What you will get:
• Play by play analysis in written form or voice tape
. Hand and feet placement
. Body positioning
. Ability to get off the ball
. First few steps of a play Offense or Defense
. Abilities to take on or make a block
. Over all play recognition or execution of same
. What you should be doing up till the whistle•

Only End Zone Critique of Line Play
Will Be Used:

High School: $165.00
College Line Play: $265.00
Professional NFL: $565.00

To purchase this service, send your game footage on DVD, BlueRay, or VHS along with Order Information Form and a Money Order to:

All Pro Enterprises, Inc.
2661 North Illinois Street
Swansea, IL 62226

Pricing is subject to change without prior notice of any kind. All video footage MUST be shot from the end zone only. Absolutely no sideline will be viewed. End Zone media of poor quality will be returned and a small charge of $20.00 will be charged.

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