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Speaking Engagements

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Dave Butz specializes in motivational public addresses and speaking with young people. His keen business acumen and experiences in the world of professional athletics also have made him a sought-after speaker for corporations, nonprofits, and community groups.

In the past, Butz has been retained by such companies as IBM, AT&T, McDonald's Corporation, and Beecham Laboratories to deliver motivational speeches to company employees and other audiences on their behalf. He has made appearances in national television commercials for Wheaties/General Mills and Diet Coke.

Butz continues associations with several companies as a participant in their promotional activities. On several occasions Butz has helped companies to improve their in house efficiencies and product design. Three major companies are the Beistle Company in Shippensburg, PA., the Brownells in Montezuma, Iowa, and Maxtech Tools, Inc. in Canada.

Butz has spoken to a wide range of Chamber of Commerce groups across the U.S. on business-related topics. As a practicing Roman Catholic, he has also spoken at various Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) classes, and on occasion has participated in projects of interest to Protestant and Jewish groups.
Dave Butz, Professional

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