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When it comes to putting a face to a product, cause, or program, the business world has often turned to Butz for a helping hand. As spokesperson for UTZ Snack Foods (Hanover, PA), Butz did radio commercials, made personal appearances, and gave motivational speeches to UTZ employees. He was also a spokesperson for Winchester, a subsidiary of Olin Corporation (Alton, IL), for whom he promoted Winchester products and represented the company through various appearances, competition shoots, and speeches throughout the country.

Elsewhere, Butz has been a spokesperson for the National Concrete Masonry Association convention (Phoenix, AZ) as well as for an innovative home computer banking program at Madison Bank (Washington, DC). In the DC metropolitan area, he worked with the Potomac Electric Power Company's public relations department to spread the word about energy conservation programs and was featured in a television commercial promoting heat pumps.
Dave Butz, Professional

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