Certified Instructor

Dave Butz is a certified NRA Shot Gun Coach and have instructed hundreds of people with Great Success. Dave's enthusiasm as an instructor, along with his popularity, has allowed him to use those talents to be auctioned off for Boy Scouts for up to $2,500 for lessons.

As an NRA Certified Shooting Coach, Dave offers his students the latest in coaching philosophy and presentation methodology along with the most up-to-date techniques and competition tactics.

Dave strives to create a positive environment in which he, athletes, parents, officials, and fans work together to achieve the NRA mission in the shooting community.

"Mr. Butz, we have many great shooters that come in here (Homestead, Va.) but none of them can put people on a target like you can."

--David Judah
Level 3 Instructor

Alright, back to football.  I would love to help you improve your game by offering you a chance to have your game tape critiqued by me. I've helped many players improve their defensive or offensive line play.

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