Other Professional Careers

Besides playing football, Dave Butz has also had the opportunity to expand his career by being involved in professional communication outlets.  Dave has the ability to bring humor and seriousness together to help make his separate career path a success.

Public Speaking

Dave Butz specializes in motivational public addresses and speaking with young people. His keen business acumen and experiences in the world of professional athletics also have made him a sought-after speaker for corporations, nonprofits, and community groups.

In the past, Butz has been retained by such companies as IBM, AT&T, McDonald's Corporation, and Beecham Laboratories to deliver motivational speeches to company employees and other audiences on their behalf. He has made appearances in national television commercials for Wheaties/General Mills and Diet Coke.

Butz continues associations with several companies as a participant in their promotional activities. On several occasions Butz has helped companies to improve their in house efficiencies and product design. Three major companies are the Beistle Company in Shippensburg, PA., the Brownells in Montezuma, Iowa, and Maxtech Tools, Inc. in Canada.

Butz has spoken to a wide range of Chamber of Commerce groups across the U.S. on business-related topics. As a practicing Roman Catholic, he has also spoken at various Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) classes, and on occasion has participated in projects of interest to Protestant and Jewish groups.

Spokesperson Projects

When it comes to putting a face to a product, cause, or program, the business world has often turned to Butz for a helping hand. As spokesperson for UTZ Snack Foods (Hanover, PA), Butz did radio commercials, made personal appearances, and gave motivational speeches to UTZ employees. He was also a spokesperson for Winchester, a subsidiary of Olin Corporation (Alton, IL), for whom he promoted Winchester products and represented the company through various appearances, competition shoots, and speeches throughout the country.

Elsewhere, Butz has been a spokesperson for the National Concrete Masonry Association convention (Phoenix, AZ) as well as for an innovative home computer banking program at Madison Bank (Washington, DC). In the DC metropolitan area, he worked with the Potomac Electric Power Company's public relations department to spread the word about energy conservation programs and was featured in a television commercial promoting heat pumps.

Spokesperson Projects

In addition to headlining his own sports report program on Washington, DC's WEEL (1310 AM) radio station during the Redskins' 1983 season, through the years Butz has appeared as a guest on numerous other radio shows and on national and local television programs.


  • “On behalf of the hunter education program of North Carolina, I would like to thank you for your participation and presentation at the 2011 International Hunter Education Conference. Your keynote address was well received, appropriate, and encouraging. I am humbled by your dedication to the hunting heritage, the natural resources, and the future of our shared traditions."

    --North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission

  • “Just wanted to send this note of appreciation and thanks to you following your appearance and presentation to the 350 guests at your Community Service Appreciation dinner. You held the audience spellbound with your speech on the development of our community’s youth into responsible adults and how significant our role and parents, teachers, and community leaders is to that process. Again, thanks for a super presentation in helping us make our dinner program an outstanding one.”

    --The Beistel Company

  • “You handled your retirement with the same courage and, I must say elegance, that you have in your entire career with the Redskins. You will continue to be one of the first in my affections of all the great players I’ve been lucky enough to be associated with.”

    --Jack Kent Cooke

  • “On behalf of our entire congregation, and especially our youth, I want to thank you for your excellent presentations here in our church... Your thoughts came from the heart and our people are still talking about how much that meant. As a noted athlete, your words to our young people were powerful, Dave, and I appreciated your strong warning against drugs.”

    --Frederick Church of the Brethren

  • “Now that things have settled down after the Super Bowl, I wanted to send you a note of thanks and congratulations. The highlight of the evening came with your exchange with Johnny Carson.”

    --The Touchdown Club of Washington

  • “We were overwhelmed with the very positive comments made by people who had heard you speak at the luncheon. I don’t think we have ever encountered such unanimous enthusiasm for a speaker we have sponsored for a GWSAE event.”

    --Capital Speakers Incorporated

  • "It’s very seldom that there is complete silence in a room full of members of the association community, but as your know, you could hear a pin drop during your presentation.”

    --Greater Washington Society of Association Executives

  • "Your philosophy on sports and its application to everyday life was thought-provoking. Our children need more positive role models and it's encouraging to see someone like yourself doing what so many others in your position fail to do.”

    --Electric League of Indiana, Inc.

  • “On behalf of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Hunting and Fishing Day Committee, let me take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the very successful 1991 event. Your keynote speech was on the numbers and was enjoyed thoroughly by the crowd. Both TV Channels 6 and 12 had great reviews of the banquet and of your speech.”

    --National Hunting and Fishing Day Committee

  • “Our committee was thrilled when you arranged your schedule to be with us. Dave, we raised over $50,000 and, as you know, a great deal of that was because of you.”

    --Leukemia Society of America

  • “Thanks to you, we have been able to raise over $200,000 for Mamie O. Stookey School. Your success in football has been exceeded only by your willingness to help the many charities that you support.”

    --Mamie O. Stookey School

  • “Thank you again for attending our Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast last Saturday. Your message stressing setting goals for yourself and then achieving them was excellent and received favorably by all.”

    --Highland Rotary Club

  • “Words alone cannot express how much we appreciate the warmth and care that was generated throughout the audience that evening. Dave truly captivated the hearts of many and was able to reach every age group represented. We have received nothing but positive comments about the dinner that night, and a great portion of the compliments are certainly directed to and for Dave Butz. Our event would not have been the same without him.”

    --Boys and Girls Club of Danville

  • “We have received nothing but very positive comments in regards to your presentation at the Chamber of Commerce annual meeting. Several people have remarked that it was one of the best Chamber of Commerce meetings we have had, and that can be attributed to the keynote speaker.”

    --Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce

  • “Every year, I spend a lot of time searching for quality speakers to come in and speak to the players in our program about how great football can be for them. I know that you coming to our team meal is something that the players, parents and the football staff wil never forget. Thank you!”

    --Central Cougars Football

Dave delivers an impromptu speech while visiting at Purdue University on Sept. 26, 2014.

See Dave and Charles Mann in a Diet Coke commercial in 1988.
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What you may not know is that I am a certified NRA Shotgun Coach.  I really enjoy this and have coached and met a lot of people along the way.  You may find this very interesting.

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